Back In Time

A game for the Lets Create Jam #2 in ten days with the theme Psychic Powers. The game is based on the idea of moving stone doors and rewinding time which are activated by pressing right and left click, with a low-poly modeling style and with six angle movement (based on current key pressed) the game gives a large portion of diversity in where you can be.

Music and Sounds by Taylor Fortes!

Programming by Highrise_Studio!

Art and Modeling by NughtedGames!

For Queries or Enquiries Email:

Install instructions

1. download

2. unzip

3. enjoy


Back In Time Windowsx32 21 MB
Back In Time Windowsx64 23 MB
Back In Time Linux (Universal) 41 MB
Back In Time Linux (x64) 27 MB
Back In Time Mac OS 26 MB


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enjoy :)